UNC vs DUKE (Pt. 2)

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UNCvsDUKE pt.2 #TheReUp

Luke Kennard is a baaaaaaad man! He’s got that Ginobili swag to his game. If he’s available late in the first round, somebody should steal him. The #UNCvsDuke rivalry did not disappoint. It’s been dope watching Justin Jackson realize his potential. But Joel Berry stole the show tonight, he made all the 🔑buckets sfor #UNC. Duke is going to have a tough road to win a ACC championship as a #5 seed but at the end of the day that doesn’t mean anything. Duke for sure has the talent to catch 🔥🔥 and make a deep run in the tourney. March Madness is all about peaking at the right time and both UNC and Duke have good mix of young talent and experienced upperclassmen that can make noise in the tournament.

Aight enough about the game, how about the G.O.A.T announcing that @jumpman is about to lace UNC football wit the fire gear! Why didn’t UNC football do it last year though? I thought it was good look when Jordan brand added swag to Michigan this season and Jim Harbaugh understands how important dope gear is for recruiting elite athletes. Mike is clearly trying to expand the Jordan brand, “the ceiling is the limit”. I just hope that Jordan football can come up with better looking kicks than the “Team Jordan’s”. Never been a big fan of that collection.

Kicks of the night gotta go to Jason Tatum with the Paul George joints.

I’m a fan of PG’s first signature shoe. These definitely have some on/off court appeal that you could rock wit some joggers or summertime kicks wit the ankle cleavage lol! ANKLE CLEAVAGE ya’ll heard it here first!😂 I can’t wait to see what @nikebasketball is gonna drop for March Madness.

Will we get #DUKEvsUNC in the ACC tourney? Make sure ya’ll come holla at me we do!

#One @COSeezy

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