The Kickback

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I can’t believe the Kickback was a year ago today ! It really feels like up until that point, people thought Kick’n it was a “sneaker thing”. As much as I don’t like when people think of it as one, I understand why they do. I absolutely, 100% love the sneaker culture. But if you know me and you know my story, you understand that it’s deeper than just having the most expensive or exclusive pair of kicks. My passion for kicks comes from a place that I think a lot of people can relate to in some way shape or form. Love.

If you’ve been following Kick’n it, you know that we just had our biggest event back at my alma later, Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia. We helped raise  over 20,000 pairs of sneakers to send to the republic of Congo where my guy Emmanuel Ntibonera, founder of the Ntibonera foundation was born and raised to help fight the spread of parasitic disease contracted due to lack of proper footwear. What made that event special for me was that my mother, Pauline was able to finally see this vision that began with her and my pops going back to when I was 7 years old. My mom is straight from Jamaica and if ya’ll know anything about Jamaican mothers, you know that are serious about their kids taking advantage of the opportunities that fought for by coming to America. We’re expected to go to college and get a “real job”. But like Trey Songz said, ” … wearing a suit and smile that don’t fit me, takin a bus for some miles that’s gon kill me…” ! That’s real! So when she got a chance to see me, her only son, turn his passion not only into a profession but something that could help change lives on so many levels and that I got all that from her that was an ill moment for me to make her proud! That’s what this Kick’n it thing is, it’s about love and bringing people together through love. That’s why our first ever Kickback was so special for me, it really paved the way to what ya’ll get to experience now.

The Kickback Tour’s first stop was in Sacramento, a place that will always be special for me. Keepin’ It real wit ya’ll, a lot of what y’all see today came from the relationships I built in Sactown. I wanted to create an experience that would bring people from all walks of life together for a good cause. I knew people would walk in expecting some sort of sneaker trade show but I needed people to leave feelin’ like they just got to Kick it with people who loved the same things they loved. I wanted to see kids who thought they would never have an opportunity to meet their favorite athlete to not only see them in person but to actually Kick it with them so they could see at some point they were that little kid with big dreams too. I got to experience parents who work these butts off to provide a life for their kids but can’t afford a pair of Jordan’s put those kicks on the feet of their kids. I got to see kids faces light up the way mine did and still do everyday that I’m blessed to lace a pair of dope kicks up. The people of Sac got a chance to REALLY kick it with their heroes. Not some meet and greet and autograph session, na, not  at the Kickback! We had 3 Olympians in the building, the 2016 NBA MVP, Steph Curry along with Demarcus Cousins and Rudy Gay. We had NBA 2017, Most improved player candidate, Seth Curry along with Willie Caulie-Stein and Caron Butler who blessed us with copies of his critically acclaimed book, Tough Juice, all at the Kickback. I’m pretty sure that those guys probably had more fun than the kids did. NBA2K spokesmen, “Ronnie 2K” hooked us with the official NBA2K16 booth where the fans actually got the chance to kick it with and play 2K against their favorite players! We played “Bang, Bang” ball, which I would describe but ya’ll can check out the video to see what that’s about, even the princess herself, Riley Curry, got a bucket.

What meant the most to me  was that, we gave away  60 pairs of Fire 🔥to kids who may never have been able to afford exclusive kicks. With help of Kickx Unlimited, we got to add a little extra bounce to a kids’ step. I was overwhelmed at the response from the people who came through. To say that this kid from Elmont, NY provided people with a lifetime experience was so humbling. I don’t have a lot of money, I’m not in the NBA, I’m just regular guy like anybody else. I was raised to share what I have to offer to the world and the Kickback Tour is my opportunity to do my part. I can’t wait til the next one, coming to a city near you!  I check out the video put together my fam at Leisure Visuals hit me on the gram @Kicknit_ to bring the Kickback tour to your city.

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