That Boy Clean: Why Warriors’ Andre Iguodala is among NBA’s Best Dressed

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I remember being glad about the NBA implementing the dress code.

Although I was and still am about the product on the floor more than what the players do off of it, I’ve always wondered how these men would look in more than just a pair of jeans, oversized white tees and other things that they regularly wore at the time.

While many thought that the dress code was an attempt to try to limit the way that the players express themselves off the court, I thought the opposite. I thought that the dress code opened up the possibilities for them to express who they are in what they rock. Andre Iguodala, in my eyes, is one of the leagues best dressed players if not the best and here’s why.

There are two things that make Andre’s suit game impeccable to me: His understated colors and the fit. It seems simple but for these players and suits, less is more when it comes to colors. Navys and blacks and neutral colors may seem boring but that’s when you can pair the suit with coordinating neutral colors and patterns. In the picture you can see that Andre does this beautifully. The contrast of the light blue striped button and the dark navy of the jacket paired with the splash of red on the tie gives the suit a classic and modern vibe. For tall men, having the right fit is vital. Tall men usually have to go up a couple of sizes in order to find the right length as far as the inseams are concerned. When that happens, the suit appears way too wide. Andre gets it and has his suits tailored .







Andre’s style M.O. is subtle. However that doesn’t mean that he doesn’t turn up sometime. But when Andre gets risky, he’s big on coordination. In this pic, he makes a leopard print sweater the star of his outfit. The light grey slacks and kicks are solid compliments here. Andre also takes the dress shirt underneath the sweater and makes it very casual. In fact there are many instances where he’s is bold in his outfits, but he is so low about it that is usually goes unnoticed. In fact, that’s the way he wants it. In a interview with Esquire two years ago, Andre cited being “silent but deadly” is always in the back of his mind when he’s getting dressed.







Another thing I admire about Andre’s style is his attention to detail when it comes to accessories. In this pic, I’m feeling his fedora and glasses as well as the watch and the bracelet on his wrist. And again, he isn’t afraid of prints. It seems as if the print of the sweater in this pic makes the accessories pop even more. The contrast of the plaid sweater against the dark jeans, hat and watch makes this another dope outfit for Andre.








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