That Boy Clean: Grizzlies’ Mike Conley’s Style Is Just As Smooth And Underrated As His Game

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In the NBA, the gear does not make the man but it could reveal more of their personality than you might think.

Like I’ve mentioned in previous posts, we all know how Kawhi gets down. His dress tells you that he is bland, frugal and practical off the court and a steadfast throwback player who revels in doing the gritty and grimy work on defense on it.  LeBron has a mix of street and prep going, and that fits him. It fits because he is navigating through the corporate world and adding on to his empire while maintaining what makes him “just a kid from Akron”.

While Kawhi and LeBron are two strong examples of the connection between a player’s personality and his threads, their styles don’t correlate to their personalities or their games quite like Mike Conley.

On the court, Mike has been underrated mainly because he and his Memphis Grizzlies play in a talent rich, stacked, and competitive Western Conference. Off the court,  Mike’s style is just like the man and his game- smooth in its own right.


The most beautiful thing about wearing bowties is its versatility. When it’s worn casually, a bowtie really stands out as a really dope accessory and conversation piece.  When Mike broke out the wooden bowtie during the playoffs a few years ago, it drew so much attention that even interviewed one of the founders of the company that Mike got the tie from.  Without the wooden bowtie, Mike’s grey vest and blue shirt combo would have been uneventful but the fly bowtie displayed his confidence in wearing something out of the ordinary, owning it, and ultimately owning the podium.



Mike Conley may not be as out there with his fashion like Russell Westbrook but he defies the rules of dress, nonetheless.  Here, Mike throws a red and blue horizontal striped tie on top of a black button up. Then, he tops it off with a red blazer  plus a maroon and white polka dot pocket square. Yes, the outfit sounds like a hot mess but he gets away with this and makes it hot. How?  Black and white are neutral regardless of the print of the shirt. It is broken up by the red blazer and the tie and pocket square are the blazer’s accessories. With this outfit, Mike broke the rules of print by following rules with the rest of the outfit. Real Nice.



I appreciate and dig the smoothness of Mike’s causal look.  I love that he doesn’t try to draw attention to himself by going way over the top with his style. To me, it gives off the vibe of a man who would rather let his threads speak for  him in an audible whisper rather than yelling his presence.  This outfit embodies Mike’s entire vibe in my opinion.  I love the print of the black and white leather and the denim and leather jacket makes it pop off. The old-school Vancouver Grizzlies snapback is a perfect touch for an outfit that is just like the man that’s rocking it- Understated, Smooth, and Dope.

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