King of Kicks

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The King of Kicks On and Off the Court
The beauty of nostalgia within grown men

Philadelphia, Pa – With the vast market of signature shoes, player exclusives, and general releases the game within the game is who wears the hottest shoes night in and night out on and off the court.

When the NBA finally let Jordan wear the colors he wanted to after 2 years of battling, the shoe market took off and ballers everywhere usted the NBA to perpetuate their crazy obsession.

The short but exciting NBA season which has been highlighted by DeMar DeRozan wearing a pair of beautiful Kobe VI preludes where he dropped a smooth 33 points in a W against the Nuggets.
DeMar is quietly becoming one of the NBAs biggest stars and he has an insane Kobe and Jordan collection to match which includes but not limited to.

● Jordan V “Blackout samples”
● Kobe XI “Northern Lights”
● Kobe IX elite “Galaxy”
● Kobe XI elite “Achilles heel”

Boasting some of the hottest kicks on court are not limited to the mega star max deal players, Suns Forward P.J. Tucker has rocked a plethora of “ Oh my god where do I get these” , Cavaliers notorious shirtless warrior J.R. Smith has a nice healthy serving of Lebron PE, which is not against norm, he usually piggybacked off teammates which have signature shoe deals (Melo, Iverson) and surprisingly former Lakers and Warriors guard Steve Blake who is playing for the “Sydney Kings” of Australia’s Basketball League has some of the coolest and smoothest Kobe 8s ranging from a bright yellow bolt snakeskin to over 40 graffiti designs in his years playing pro.
P.J. Tucker- PJ Tucker has made a name as the King of Kings with his vast shoe collection with shoes from the likes of :

● An all grey tribute to Kobe on Kobe night wearing a pair of Kobe IV “Fade to black”

● Jordan V “Shawn Marion”
● Jordan II “Just Don Beach”
● And even wore a pair of Tony Parker’s shoes that the french guard himself graced the cover of NBA live ‘09 with these grey black and gold Hyperdunks.

Steve Blake- The 2 time NBA champion and former 38th pick in the 2002 NBA draft of UMD Steven Hanson Blake is the guy you look at and pick last to play pickup, until you look at his shoe game.
Kobes former point guard has easily the best Kobe 8 collection to date, gracing some of the craziest designs I and the NBA has ever seen. He has an estimated 110+ Kobe 8 PE with another 30 + Nike iD Kobe 8s. Just 1% of his insane collection consists of :

● “What the Kobe 8s”
● “Venice Beach 8s”
● “Ugly sweater 8s”
● “Year of the Snake black”
● “Aera 72 8s”
● A pair of all yellow snakeskin Kobe PEs
● And even wore a pair Kobe’s that The mamba himself wanted. Which were a Church window theme.

Who is the real King of Kicks

There is no true king of kicks in the NBA if you look at the superstar player and their exclusive shoes, Kobe easily has the best shoes for his line and exclusive PEs with his reign of dominance with the Kobe 8-11. Kyrie on the other hand, has not had a bad colorway for his exclusives which have been starting to take off in the eyes of the community. When you look around the league the menial day to day players like Steve Blake, PJ Tucker, TJ Warren, Jamal Crawford or even DeMar DeRozan, their childish nostalgia comes about because it’s the game within the game of who has the hottest shoes or who scored the most looking best that night, and in their own way they all dominate their own realm of shoes, Steve Blake with the Kobe 8s, PJ with the multitude of Player exclusives or ultra rare variants of shoes like “Beach Just Don 2”. The most allaround star in the shoe game connecting every brand and style was formerly held by the one and only Swaggy P where he was caught last year wearing, both yeezy boost 3 and 750s, red, pink, green, DB, Paranorman, and galaxy, Foams, along with a vast amount of Jordan XI lows such as the Georgetown, Bred (high and lows), Ray Allen 13s both the white and green along with green and black, and on “Kobe night” wore Kobe prelude 5s and then proceeded to switch and wear a pair of low WTK 9s in the second half.




Sadly, the days of guessing what Swaggy was going to wear ended this year. On December 15th, just weeks after Harden [James] signed a 200 million contract with Adidas, Adidas signed swaggy to his own signature shoe, so far he only has a few colorways that were GRs like an all white pair and lakers colors. But still his kick collection off the court is astonishing to make the typical sneakerhead pull a D’Angelo Russell and take their phones out and take a video.

One way the average skilled player connects with NBA players are shoes and the NBA has done a great job with letting players have free reign in what kind of shoes they are allowed to wear making the competitive nature of athletes go ever higher, it turned into more than basketball it made players travel back to their days at the park and the “OHH LOOK AT THEM SHOES” days became so vivid in their head that they need to now show off not just their game but an extension of themselves and childhood in front of 20 thousand people. The King of the court debate will surely be taken to new level this year with the amount of beautiful shoes that come out this year, the ride will be crazy and the shoes even crazier.

-Jonathan Dunleavy

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