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Kick’n It for a cause is joining forces with Mandy Al for a unique spin on philanthropy. Kick’n It is the world’s premier shoe donation charity and has been providing shoes to those in need since 2017. Mandy AI is an AI-powered feedback resource that analyzes how people feel based on responses to questions. Kick’n It is going to support Mandy AI by using their portal to gather feedback. As a thank you, Mandy AI is going to contribute a small donation for each response. You can be part of helping someone in need just by answering a few questions! We want your opinion and your responses will ultimately bless others! You can answer this weeks question in the link provided below.

https://hello.mandy.ai/campaignAnswer/ eyJpdiI6ImxsaU9Xb1VSd1ZBSzVFeTc5S2FUcFE9PSIsInZhbHVlIjoiXC9JQnVVd2FPamllR1p6M2V3Q25ZUGc9PSIsIm1hYyI6IjIxZjhmZmNlMTM3YjljOT gzYmU1NGQyN2M3YjM0NzUwMmJmYzY2NDM0NTcxMmQ2ZWRmMTMzNGQ1NjkxY2U1ZTAifQ==

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