Kick’n it x Humbyl Memorabilia Auction

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It’s been a while since I got to link up with my guy Nate Llorando, founder of Humbyl Coin, Tradesby and Loopify. You know how you have those friends that you don’t speak to everyday but they ALWAYS support you? Nate is that guy. We were having one of our routine conversations where we get a chance to catch each other up on everything and I got to learn about yet another amazing business he created. Humbyl Coin, is the world’s largest cryptocurrency built for a decentralized crypto Fantasy Sports platform with real sports celebrity challenges. How dope is that? It just so happened that as he’s building an audience for his new project, I’m currently in FULL FUNDRAISING mode! Kick’n It For a Cause is currently trying to raise $24,000 to ship 2 crates filled with sneakers, clothes, medical supplies, walkers, and crutches over to the Republic of Congo. We put our heads together and decided to put on a memorabilia Auction to raise money to ship our materials and raise awareness for our 2 brands.

The auction was a private event held in San Francisco. We had a great turnout and many of the people who showed up got their first taste of what Kick’n For a Cause was all about. We auctioned off some exclusive  autographed items from your favorite athletes such as Stephen Curry,Devin Booker, Kyle Kuzma, Karl Anthony Towns, Jordan Bell, Donovan Mitchell, Jerry Rice and tickets from the San Francisco Giants and 49ers.

Since we knew that many people in attendance were seeing Kick’n It For the first time, we created some promo videos that played during the auction. I hadn’t seen some of the videos in a while and to be honest I spent so much time working on creating the videos that I rarely get a chance to sit back and watch the video as a spectator. I got a little emotional watching the videos because I don’t think the people we’ve impacted even realize that it’s them who are truly changing my life. The conversations and relationships that Kick’n It For a Cause has helped me create have made a major impact on my life, so to see that on screen was an amazing experience for me. To be honest, not reaching our goal to have raised enough money to send the sneakers out on our targeted date of August 1st was also very disappointing. One thing I’ve learned, is that everything happens for a reason and that I truly need to trust the process.


The venue was amazing! Huge shoutout to my friend, Rebecca Cahua and her partners at 1200 Indiana st, She’s another person doing amazing things herself but always finds the time to be supportive.  Every day I become more and more emotionally invested in this project because of the experiences we’ve created with the people  that we’ve provided sneakers to both internationally and domestically. Not to mention, the overwhelming number of people who contact us that want to volunteer their time to raise sneakers. It’s still crazy to me that people are actually dying because they don’t have a way to protect their feet and here in America, many of us have sneakers that we never even wear just sitting in our closets. I want people to understand that my partner in this project, Emmanuel Ntibonera, a Congolese refugee who at one point was that kid with no foot protection, has the biggest heart of anyone I’ve ever met. He puts it all into perspective for me and we want people to really understand that you do not have to be rich to make an impact on society. I want to thank him so much for letting Kick’n It contribute to what him and the Ntibonera Foundation are doing. I hope our partnership inspires others to collaborate and make a social impact.


I ask that if you please donate to help us ship these sneakers over to the Democratic Republic of Congo. Spread the message to as many people as you can.


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