Kick’n It at Hennypalooza

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@Henny_Palooza is the best party I’ve EVER BEEN TO”.~ Pusha T @kingpush~ So there really is no need for me to even have to spend time gassin’ it up, but I will anyway. I got to kick it with Kameron McCollough @koolestkidout, founder/creator of Henny Palooza right before arguably their biggest event ever! Kam and Kaz @reallifekaz  gave the @kicknit_ team with VIP access to Henny Palooza.

As my man Kam tells it, Henny P started because he and his friends were tired of going to clubs. So they threw a party, invited their friends with one condition of entry. You must bring Henny or fried chicken. Throw a dope DJ on the 1’s and 2’s  plus his homegirl from downstairs who worked as the bartender and Henny Palooza was officially introduced to the culture in Harlem on 115th and Pleasant in 2010.

Henny Palooza was steadily gaining momentum until one faithful day in “Chocolate City,” (Washington, D.C) when rap superstars @Wale and Pusha T decided they wanted to see what the hype was all about. Pusha T snuck into the back of the venue and felt the vibe of the party. So much he so that he hopped on stage and put on an exclusive, unplanned Henny P performance that changed course of the Henny Palooza forever.

Henny Palooza has turned into an international lifestyle/party brand that has been featured in Ebony and Forbes magazine, they’ve partied 40+ cities featuring countless celebrities. Wait did ya’ll hear me? A party based on Henny and Fried Chicken, created by black kids from Harlem was featured in @Forbes magazine! Tell me that ain’t #Definingtheculture READ HENNY PALOOZA FEATURE IN FORBES!

The thing that really stood out to me about Henny P was that there were NO FIGHTS the crowd was just Kick’n it! I don’t even recall one being close to breaking out and after meeting Kam for the first time I completely understand why. Like any great business it starts with the culture and it’s mission. Even with Henny P’s wild success, Kam still calls it a “small gathering” of friends.

Henny Palooza is a party, no doubt about that. As a matter of fact, it’s the most lit party you’ll go to trust me!

Let me tell you what really makes Henny P dope, they give 10% of their proceeds to foundations such as the @ACLU_nationwide, Food Bank of New York amongst others. They took what they loved to do and found a way to not only make a living but to give back to the community. That’s what the culture is all about. Big Shoutout to the Henny P team, I can’t wait to kick it with ya’ll again. Make sure ya’ll check out @Hennypalooza next event in Houston on Saturday March 11th. Tell’em COSEEZY sent you. For more information just visit @HennyPalooza instagram page.  S/O to @thisisrory Co-Host of @joebudden  podcast #Illnamethispodcastlater and Henny Palooza GM for holdin the culture down on the airwaves!

I’m out LOVE YA’LL!

@COSeezy @kicknit_ #Definingtheculture

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Ebony Seinor Writer on Henny Palooza

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