Kick’n It For a Cause Cease Fire 2 Press Release

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Kick’n It For a Cause 2nd Annual Sneaker Drive to raise 100,000 pairs of sneakers and

After a successful inaugural sneaker drive to raise 30,000 sneakers for the people of the Republic of Congo and Rwanda, Chris “COSeezy” Strachan and Emmanuel Ntibonera, founders of Kick’n It for a Cause and the Ntibonera Foundation respectively, are back at it again leading a campaign to raise 100,000 pairs of sneakers and $100,000. If this is your first time hearing about Kick’n It For a Cause, here is a quick description of the basic premise of this incredible philanthropic effort:

Kick’n It For a Cause’s annual sneaker drive raises sneakers to fight the spread of deadly diseases spread through contaminated soil due to lack of proper footwear. To put it simply, human beings are dying from diseases contracted through soil because they don’t access to foot “protection”.

In 2017, Kick’n It For a Cause led a social media campaign that urged people to make a video on Instagram with the sneakers they were going to donate, challenge 3 people to do the same and send their sneakers to the campaign headquarters in Virginia. The social media campaign quickly went viral with the hashtag #Kicknitforacause and they received large sneaker donations by NBA Superstar Stephen Curry, Nike and Under Armour. After receiving the sneakers, The Kick’n it For a Cause team led by “COSeezy” and Emmanuel went to the Republic of Congo and Rwanda to deliver the sneakers personally. After experiencing the tremendous impact of the donations, COSeezy and Emmanuel returned from Africa feeling like the needed to do more!

On January 30th, 2018 COSeezy and Emmanuel announced the launch of the 2nd Annual Kick’n It For a Cause: Cease Fire.(Challenge Video Here!) The name of the campaign, Cease Fire , is in reference to major sneaker brands such Nike, Under Armour, Adidas etc to put their competition on the back burner to help save the lives by collectively contributing to the campaign. All donations collected will be provided to a Ugandan refugee camp with over 100,000 refugees from Sudan, Somalia, Rwanda, The Democratic Republic of Congo and Uganda. Financial donations will go toward medical supplies, food, education, construction and other needs. Kick’n It For a Cause has set a deadline for June 1st, 2018 to receive all donations.

This year COSeezy kicked off the campaign by challenging Stephen Curry CMO and former Forbes 30 under 30 honoree, Jeron Smith, NBA Champion, Javale Mcgee, TNT/Bleacher Report Style Reporter, Lance Fresh and last but not least, NBA Superstar Lebron James. You can check out highlights from last year’s campaign here.

How can you contribute to Kick’n It For a Cause:

1. Post a video on Instagram that shows the sneakers you would like to donate and challenge 3 friends to do the same (use the hashtag #kicknitforacause & tag @kicknit_ @coseezy) .
2. Send your sneakers to 7539 Stage Road Concord, VA 24538.
3. Visit to make a donation to the cause.


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