Haute Couture: NBA Biggest Stars Rip The Runway While They Rip Each Other Apart In the Playoffs

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While All-Star Weekend could be also be known as the NBA’s version of Fashion Week, the playoffs isn’t too far behind in claiming the same.
As players walk into the arena , it’s apparent that these men not only want to show you why they are the best basketball players on the planet, they also want to show you that they have swag and style. They want to give you a glimpse of their personalities through what they wear to the arena and away from it.
Even though we are almost three quarters through the postseason, the first round opened with some pretty popular trends.


The bomber has been a staple throughout this first round. Chris Paul and Stephen Curry rocked bombers that had a letterman’s jacket vibe to it. I loved how the black stripe along the shoulders and the sleeves meshed with the tan of the jacket. There was nothing wrong with CP3’s outfit during the presser but I would have worn a button up with it. He even could have gotten away with a hoodie or even a tee with some kind of print on it to really make his outfit pop. 
 I love what Steph did with his bomber. He took his black and white bomber and paired it with a salmon pink hoodie. The hoodie was the dash of color needed to make the outfit pop. Kudos to his stylist.(S/O @BYSLR) It was a great choice.

Draymond Green sported some dope bombers during the Portland series. I like how he rocked the black bomber with the button up in Game 2 but his Game 3 bomber was “THE ONE”. The print is wild! but I love how Draymond isn’t afraid to rock it. As long as there a solid shirt underneath like he did during the Game 3 presser, you’re good and Draymond killed it there.
These three players are only a few that have worn a bomber during the first round. I wouldn’t be surprised if these players trade their blazers in for bombers in the later rounds.


Regardless of how you may feel about the MVP race on the floor, Russell Westbrook is the Culture/Style MVP off of it. I will be the first to admit that I’ve had mixed feelings about Russell’s style. Even during his series with the Rockets, I had this love/ hate situation with Broadie’s gear. I thought his Game 2 outfit made him look like one half of Milli Vanilli. (Fam, you know it’s true.) However, I dug his Kiss shirt and red pants during Game 1. Loved his top, glasses and accessories in Game 3 and his top and hat during game 5. The more I think about Russ’s style, the more I realize that this is him in his essence. I couldn’t see him dressing straight laced. That’s not him and it will never be him. Secondly, his clothes in this year’s playoffs haven’t been the craziest outfits he’s rocked. 
 Russ has his own line of glasses and if I’m not mistaken, and an endorsement deal with True Religion. I’d love it if he comes out with women’s gear because I’d rock it. As a matter of fact, I’d put my own spin on his game 5 outfit.


I said it before in the beginning of this post, and I’ll say it again, the clothes that these guys wear give us a glimpse a REAL glimpse into their personalities. There are a couple of players that come to mind here that proves my point: Mike Conley and Kawhi Leonard. 
 Conley’s fashion sense is just like his game on the court, dope and underrated. His game 4 ensemble is a clear example. Conley pairs a mustard blazer with a light purple button up and makes it work. His Game 3 white and black print sweater was dope as well. Regardless of the outcome of the Grizzlies/ Spurs series, look for Conley’s “That Boy Clean” feature here on kicknit.tv because his outfits have been straight fire. 
 On the other hand, Kawhi Leonard prides himself on frugality in his game and wardrobe. Last time I saw him, he wasn’t at the podium and he had a non-descript washed out blue hoodie as he was talking to reporters. That outfit represents the guy I see quietly taking the NBA by storm. A throwback style for throwback type of player.

In his prime, Dwayne Wade’s game was flashy and his style matched it. While he has changed his game considerably, the flash from his wardrobe still remains. It’s one of the reasons that I think he is among the best dressed players in the league, and among the coolest. Thanks to social media, the mystique that comes with athletes and entertainers is all but gone. There’s no need to wonder much about what kind of personalities that these guys have but when they let their clothes do their talking for them, it’s a thing of beauty.

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