From Writing on Kicks to Pregame Hits

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With the NBA Finals coming up in a little over a week, I wanted to find out how guys are preparing for the playoff battles we’re seeing every night. After a long regular season, players are always looking for that extra inspiration so they can compete at high level.  From writing on kicks to pregame hits, find out from my guys Steph Curry and Boi-1da how players are preparing themselves to for playoff competition.

Writing on Kicks

Steph’s been writing on his kicks since his first practice at Davidson, a tradition that started with Mama Curry simply reminding her son who he plays for.  To me, what makes this so dope is that no matter how big of a superstar Steph is, the world gets to know him as the guy who writes messages on his kicks because of a tradition his mom started with him well before he was  the first ever Unanimous NBA MVP, and NBA Champion. I love how he uses writing on his kicks as part of his process to prepare to play at a high level.  After you watch his video and the next time you see Steph tweet, “Locked In” you’ll understand why.

(Steph’s detailed explaination video)

Arguably the greatest athlete of this generation, Lebron James, who struggled by his standards in games 1-3 of the NBA finals last year, turned into what we refer to “Playoff Bron” after writing the names of his kids on his kicks to remind him who he’s representing when he steps on the court. Lebron is a guy who is passionate about the legacy he leaves behind but him writing on his kicks showed me that he “strives for greatness” not for himself but for his kids and family.

Kyrie writes “Whiplash” on his kicks in reference to the 2016 film starring Miles Teller about a music instructor, pushing Teller, as the young jazz band drummer, to the point of exhaustion to unleash his peak performance. The film served as Kyrie’s awakening that he can take his game to another level. In an interview with ESPN’s Dave McMenamin, He says, ” I thought I was giving myself to the game,” Irving says, explaining how the script spoke to him. “But I wasn’t giving my whole self and there was something always missing. And that’s what drives me still to this day. Even though I’m still learning how to still enjoy the moment, I had to make a choice, man. I had to make a choice: How great do I want to be?” Whiplash serves as a reminder to Kyrie that if he wants to reach greatness like his teammate Lebron James and his idol Kobe Bryant he’s got to commit himself to “the process”(No Joel Embiid) .


Pregame Hits

I just realized that Boi-1da, the guy who I think is the best producer in hip right now, DJ’d my birthday party last summer in LA. My man Sam Hook, introduced us a couple years ago in LA at a bowling alley. Much like everybody else, I peeped his kicks and he peeped mine we started choppin’ it up and that’s been my guy ever since. We’ share a similar story, which is why I think he and I have such a dope relationship. How we became friends is the absolute essence of what Kick’n It is all about.

I hit up 1da because I wanted to know what artists and songs the dopest producer in the game is listening to right now and what he would listen to if he had to get in the zone for a big game? Check out the Seez X Boi,-1da “Bout to Drop 40 playlist”

Seez X Boi-1da

“Bout to drop 40 Playlist”

Playboi Carti- Magnolia

Lil Uzi Vert- XO Tour Life

Drake- Free Smoke – (Produced by Boi-1da)

Weeknd- Party Monster

Migos- Slippery

Young Thug- Wyclef Jean

Kodak Black- Tunnel Vision

Future- Fresh Air 

 Nicki Minaj- Regret Your Tears (Produced by Boi-1da)

French Montana -No Pressure

Kendrick Lamar – DNA.

Kendrick Lamar – HUMBLE.

Rick Ross – Trap Trap Trap

Rick Ross – Dead Presidents

Rick Ross – She on my D*ck

Rick Ross – Summer Seventeen

Drake – Gyalchester

Drake – Portland

Drake – KMT

Drake – Sneakin’

Drake – Ice melts

Meek Mill – Litty

Travis Scott – Coordinate

Travis Scott – Wonderful

Young Thug Harambe

Young Thug – Future Swag

Travis Scott – Beibs in the trap

Travis Scott – Goosebumps

Future – Mask off

Future – Im so groovy

Future – Keep quiet

DJ Khaled – Shining


Appreciate ya’ll Kick’n It with me! I’m Out! 1


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