#Definingtheculture: The Notorious B.I.G

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Growing up for my first 7 years in BK (that’s Brooklyn, “and if you don’t know now you know…”) experiencing Biggie do his his thing first hand was so ill to us. He was Brooklyn and he made YOU feel like you were Brooklyn too. His unwavering confidence, undeniable Brooklyn swag  allowed him to let the world know, “He was fat and ugly as ever, however…. “he still stayed fly and women were attracted to his swag more than anything. The Versace shades, the Coogi sweater and the timbs were his signature look the same way you see me in denim and my hat. Getting fly is just the Brooklyn way!  It was ill to see s dude from where we was from make it to the top and be the best at what he does. We looked at biggie and saw hope as black people from the same hoods he was from. He went from ashy to classy, and it’s still all good. Juicy was the Brooklyn dream and became the theme song for the whole country! “You know very well, who you are don’t lettem hold you down, reach for the stars!…” If you can’t feel this lyrics, you ain’t Kick’n It.

Knowing every Biggie lyric when you’re from BK was a right of passage. Not that fake hummin, and mumblin words! You better know them Hypnotized lyrics! You would get tested on the street corner the way Puffy did with  “Da Band” LOL. That wasn’t for TV that was real! “Every Saturday, rap attack, mr magic Mally marl. We let our tapes rock till the tape popped.” (Something kids won’t know is when you play a tape all the way to the end of one side, the cassette door pops open. In 1980s it was common for kids to tape the radio shows we loved so we could listen to them again later. Since the length of each side of the tape (30 minutes), you had to pick and choose the songs you wanted to record.) He’s speaking directly to me! Ask my sister Shannette. She knows! Lol. This man spoke #fortheculture in New York City and he represented “us” in the Mecca of everything and the birth place of Hip Hop. There couldn’t be a more fitting representative of the city for a couple years. He brought joy to us when we saw him be the best. As a kid it made you think ‘that could be me. I’m fly and I’m ill too. And I do my thing.’


I don’t want to do what everybody else does and talk about his death and how he died. That’s all speculation and in “the culture” doesn’t speculate. I want to take today and celebrate a man who was the “Shakespeare” of the culture. He could tell a story better than any rapper or artist ever in my humble opimion. Of course, there is no better example of that than on “Story to tell”. He really had me feelin’ like I was at the crib when “One of the New York A** N****” came in the crib early after playin against the Utah Jazz only to find BIG with his girl. That’s where the famous line, “2 words, I’m gone” came from.

For those who are against “Parental Advisory” lyrics, you’re not looking beyond the surface. Biggie told stories from his perspective from his life. From a life that I know all too well. What makes him so great is that he was able to evolve in his music. He wanted the world to know that he was proud of his roots, “Damn right I live the life I live, cuz I went from negative to positive and it’s all good”.  BIG was so beloved by America after his smash hits, Mo Money Mo Problems and All about the Bennjamins, he inspired Eminem to spit one of his best verses ever on, “Dead Wrong”, Jay-Z was his protege and Diddy never becomes a billionaire without B.I.G. Jadakiss will remind you that “ain’t nobody better than B.I.G”. But the most important thing he did for the world was, “Spread Love it’s the Brooklyn way.” Its been 20 years since we lost argubaly the greatest rapper ever, despite Lil Yacht wants to tell ya’ll lol. Thank you fam!


2 words I’m Gone! Love Ya’ll @COSeezy

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