3rd Annual #KicknItForaCause Backpack Drive with Arik Armstead

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What’s up ya’ll! I hope everybody has been having a dope summer! As you may or may not know, Kick’n It has been busy on our mission to unite the world through the love of sneakers. This past Saturday, August 11 we did our 3rd Annual Bookbag Drive with Always Knocking Inc. , a non-profit organization which provides an innovative social rehabilitation program serving at-risk youth in the Sacramento area.  My man Greg King, founder of Always Knocking, was such an unbelievably gracious host. For the 3rd year in a row, we linked up with Active Faith, to provide the youth with bookbags. The love and sense of community in the city of Sacramento is amazing. It’s such a beautiful thing to see this community rally around their youth.

We started our bookbag drive 3 years ago and wanted to do them with our own twist on it. Our bookbag drive includes much more than just school supplies, our goal is to not only provide basic necessities but we want these young people to start the school year with an extra bounce to their step. We’re blessed to have amazing partners who helped us provide them with food, sneakers, slides, haircuts, T-shirts, autographed items and 2 deserving teens also got laptops and scholarships to Yellowbrick’s Sneaker School.


Let’s start at the top with the sneakers. We collaborated with Always Knocking who identified 15 students that completed their leadership program. Those students received a dope pair of kicks courtesy of Kick’n It For a Cause, Arik Armstead and Zappos. Personally, being able to give sneakers to these kids is so important because it’s one less thing their parents have to worry about buying. Of course you know I made sure they got some fire! Next, the family over at Sole Supremacy (Bay Area) provided each kid with a pair of slides. Shout out Sole Supremacy for truly believing in the cause. For haircuts, we were blessed to link up with easily one of the dopest shops in northern California, Razor Sharp Kutz in Elk Grove. They didn’t provide just any regular haircuts, they really hooked the youth up with whatever cut they wanted even with the dope designs. They were EAGER to give back to the youth. Make sure you check them out next time you need to get a fresh cut! We also provided the young ones with a Kick’n It For a Cause x Arik Armstead collab T-shirt.

I met Arik Armstead, Sacramento Native and current Defensive End for the San Francisco 49ers, at a Warrior Game this past season. From our conversation, we immediately knew we had to link up. He invited me to his event back in June and he said something that stood out to me that I’ll paraphrase. He said, “ It’s important for the people to come together. Even if you’re doing the same thing as someone else, if you combine your talents you could do something great!”. That really stuck with me. Arik hasn’t been in the NFL very long but man that dude has already done so much for the city. He helped us hook the kids up with school supplies, he provided autographs and he spoke to the kids. He also provided 2 laptops that we were able to give to 2 deserving kids from Always Knocking. Along with those 2 laptops, we provided 2 scholarships to Sneaker School. For these youngins’ to get to learn about careers in the Sneaker Industry is so big for them. We’re hoping that we can help them know that they can work in a field they love at a young age to build a foundation for their futures. Shoutout to Arik and his team at Nickel Sports.

We use sneakers as a vehicle to shed light on social inequalities. Kick’n It For a Cause prides itself on providing these kids with a level playing field for them to succeed regardless of where they come from. There were so many people who got to experience Kick’n It For a Cause for the first time who left with an understanding of our mission. DJ Julian, sets the vibe at our events playing dope music because we want people to enjoy themselves while they make an impact.


Sacramento, thank you for showing us so much love. I can’t wait until we get to do this again!


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