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If you’re reading this @Kicknit_ “All Star Weekend recap” blog before summer 17’, I know you’re thinking to yourself, “What the hell have I been missing?”. Trust me it’s not your fault, but we’ve been patiently waiting to share the Kick’n It experience with you. For the Kick’n It squad, the weekend was amazing. Under Armourblessed us with the opportunity to do the OFFICIAL EXCLUSIVE unboxing of the Curry 3, Brass Bands. S/O @Underarmour for the opportunity, I look forward to the next unboxing experience.

Kick’n It is the voice of the culture, which is why I was hype about connecting with my guy Kam @Koolestkidout, founder of @Hennypalooza. We rapped about how Henny P got started, what it’s been like to make a career out throwin’ parties based on Henny and fried chicken and what they got poppin next. (Look out for Henny Palooza in Houston next). The Henny P crew laced Kick’n it with the All-Access V.I.P passes for their biggest Henny Palooza yet. This was my first one and when @KingPush says it may have been the best party he ever been too he wasn’t lyin! Make sure ya’ll don’t miss the next one, tell’em COSeezy sent you. S/O to Rory (@thisisrory,) Kaz  (@reallifekaz) & the whole squad!

Right after Henny P, we linked up with my guy Jeffrey Jordan (@heirjordan13) (to celebrate his pops, the G.O.A.T , Michael Jordan’s Birthday @jumpman party. Everybody who was anybody was in the building, Mike himself, @theofficial03, @kyrieirving, @johnwall, @russwest44 @athontymackie and a whole list of your favorite celebrities. I ran into my guy @famouslos! What up boy!!

All- Star Saturday night I kicked it with Ky right before the 3pt shootout. That’s been my guy since his Duke days so naturally, we talked about how we bodied the dance floor at the Jordan party and find out who he thinks the best dancer in the building was, you probably already know though 😉. I got a chance to meet the mastermind behind Ky’s dope style, his sister/stylist Asia @Asialove she’s the real deal!

We capped off the weekend filming our first “Ridin w COSeezy”  epidodes with super producer Camper and the NBA’s only Unanimous MVP, Stephen Curry. I can’t give ya’ll too much info on the blog, you gotta experience it for yourself. MAKE SURE YA’LL STAY TUNED TO KICK’N IT. WE’VE GOT SOMETHING DOPE FOR YA’LL COMING UP DURING THE NBA PLAYOFFS!

I just want to thank ya’ll for for Kick’n It with me this weekend, if this was your first time Kick’n It with us I hope ya’ll enjoyed yourselves. This has been years in the making for me and I just want to thank everybody for the love. “Uniting people through the love of kicks, pop culture and community service”, that’s Kick’n It.  If you’re reading this just know you’re part of our family. LOVE YA’LL, I’m out!


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