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Kick’n It with God Shammgod FULL VIDEO!

“When I first started playing basketball, all I could do was play defense, I use to take the ball and run to the basket, and everybody use to say, “you gotta dribble you gotta dribble” so then I just became obsessed with dribbling”


God by definition is: a superhuman being or spirit worshiped as having power over nature or human fortunes. Sounds like his Mama knew her son was going to be superhuman at something. In New York, when it comes to ‘ball it’s all about your handle. With Youtube and the explosion of social media, style of play as it pertains to specific regions of the country aren’t as defined as they once were. Regardless, if you grew up in the New York Tri State area and you play ball, the skill that makes the culture really respect your game is your handle. That’s why bringing God Shammgod into the Kick’n It family is such a big deal to me. God Shammgod is the creator of, you guessed it, the “Shammgod” or if you’re from my hood, “the Shammy” and he’s arguably the greatest ball handler ever. It’s that deceptive move where the dribbler throws the ball out with the outside hand and fakes like he’s going to speed dribble but quickly pulls the ball back with the inside hand. When Sham broke that move out in the 1996 NCAA Tourny against a Mike Bibby led Arizona squad, it created the “Skur Skur” sound we hear in Quavo’s verse in Drake’s “Portland” track. (Lol J/K)

I got the privilege to Kick It with Sham and we reminisced about New York City’s legendary ball players, not just the NBA legends, but the guys that had the respect of the New York City basketball culture. We also chopped it up about the origin of “the Shammy”, when it first got put on the map and what players today are the best ball handlers.


I want to kick a special S/O to Sham for Kick’n It wit us. Ya’ll should know that Sham was much more than just a guy who came up with a legendary signature move. He’s currently an assistant coach for the Dallas Mavericks, New York basketball legend and a  McDonald’s All American who had a successful basketball career and he’s just a dope guy to be around.  Appreciate you Sham! CLICK THE LINK BELOW TO SEE THE FULL VIDEO!

If Dirk does “the Shammy” next year make sure ya’ll remember where you heard it first!


I’m out! 1


Kick’n It with God Shammgod FULL VIDEO!

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